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How would you like to open your email every morning and find that you made money while you slept?

Dear Friend,

This is Coach Craig of Ageless Adonis.

If you have a website, a blog, or a social network page on Facebook, Myspace, or any of the other social network sites – then we would like to offer you an Absolutely  FREE  opportunity to make lots of money even while you sleep!

How can you make money while you sleep?

It’s simple.  We would will pay you or your firm $40.00 off of every customer acquisition which is a result of the traffic sent from your website, blog, or social networking site.  The payment of $40.00 is a 50% payment off the sale of our Ageless Adonis: Ripped at Any Age! E-book which retails for $79.95.

Our research shows that approximately one out of every 50 visitors to our website becomes a customer.

That means you could conceivably generate $40.00 for every 50 clicks that were sent from our site to yours.  $40.00 for 50 clicks works out to roughly .80 cents a click!

So if you are interested in making money, fill out our affiliate form today.  Once approved you can then place our ad at the very top of your page very clearly to all of your visitors to purchase a copy of Ageless Adonis Ripped at Any Age E-Book.   When they click on the URL link that we provide to you to place on your site, it will send them to our site to purchase the Ripped at Any Age E-book.  Once the E-Book purchase has been made our program will automatically post their purchase to your account and then pay you a 50% commission at the end of the payment month.

The FREE opportunities of making money as an Affiliate will not simply end with this offer.  As an affiliate you will also have the opportunity to benefit from other Featured Ageless Adonis Affiliate Products at different commission structures which are outlined in our Affiliate Marketing Center.

So this is all you have to do:

  1. Just Sign Up and Wait for an Acceptance Letter
  2. Promote our banner ad that we provide you on Your Website or Blog
  3. Earn Money!

We offer Power Packed Sales Materials!

Payment on all sales generated within 30 days!

Opportunity to promote different featured products at different commission structures.

Opportunity to help others make money as sponsored affiliates and make money off the sales that come off their sites.

Affiliate Support – As an affiliate you are a priority here at Ageless Adonis. We are here to help you become successful!

So what are you waiting for?  Apply today to become an affiliate so you can start making money right from your home.  Just click the link below and fill out our SECURE SAFE application form to become an affiliate!

Affiliate Application Link:

Yours in Strength,

Coach Craig

Trainer of Champions