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“The guys from the gym laughed when 44 year old Dr. Judd, who just had surgery on his back and neck, said he was going to break the world record in power-lifting!

But then their jaws dropped when the arthritic 130 pound “old” man got under the bar to lift 603 pounds!”

Dan Land
Oakland Raiders

Of all the things I have ever seen which were hard to believe, perhaps none strains the limits of my mind quite like Judd Biasiotto’s 603 pound squat at 130 pounds. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would have had trouble imagining it. It wasn’t just one world record he broke that day either. He literally shattered three world records…one right after another and he barely missed a world record attempt at 621 pounds on a fourth attempt. He did 540 pounds, 580 pounds and the 603 pounds resting only three minutes between lifts as the rules required at that time. To my knowledge no one has accomplished such a feat. It might also be noted that at that time every lifter had to weigh-in one hour prior to competition. It goes without saying that weighing in the night before competition is a tremendous advantage. There are a few other things you need to know about Judd’s lift. First of all, Judd is 100% drug free unlike 95% of other powerlifting world record holders.

Second, he did not use all that ridiculous cheating equipment to make the lift that a lot of these so called lifters are using today. He wore a lifting suit with knee wraps. That was it! He unracked the weight alone, unlike the lifters who use monlift racks which makes the lift a lot easier. Perhaps just as significant was the fact that the lift was judged by three international officials. He easily broke parallel and drive the weight straight up. One more thing, he made that lift one year after having major back surgery. At the time, everyone in the sport of powerlifting said that the 600-pound barrier was beyond the physiological limits of a drug free athlete at his weight. They said such a lift was impossible. Well, Judd proved it wasn’t impossible.

Now let me put that lift into perspective for you. When Judd squatted that weight (603 pounds), the world record was 535 pounds, and the average lifter in his weight class was only squatting 370 pounds. The best squat in the world that year was just 487 pounds. Oh, I left out one little detail out. When Judd made that lift he was 44 years old. Think about that…44 years old. At the time the world record in his age group was 395 pounds.

When you think about his age, the surgery, the lack of performance enhancing equipment  and the fact that he was totally drug free the feat takes on otherworldly magnitude.

When Judd broke the 600 pound barrier I was playing with the Oakland Raiders. We had some of the strongest players in the NFL on our team.  I can tell you straight out that less than a handful of them could squat 600 pounds and those guys weighed more than twice as much as Judd and none of them could break parallel with that kind of weight.

Oh yea they were half is age too. In my opinion Judd is still, and will perhaps always be the greatest pound-for-pound squatter in the world.I am not talking about age here either i am talking straight up. Like I said nothing strains the limits of my mind quite like Judd Biasiotto’s 603 pound squat at 130 pounds…it is mindboggling!

Dan Land
Oakland Raiders

How did a 44 year old guy get off an operating table and do the impossible?

Coach Craig recounts how Judd performed this amazing feat of strength…

For years, people bombarded Dr. Judd with the question of how he was able to come back and do what he did despite his age and physical condition.  Judd was plagued with debilitating arthritis for years.  His shoulders hurt, his back bothered him if he sat too long, he had lost 65% of the sensation on the left side of his body from herniated disks in his neck –  still he went on to defy medical science and shatter the 600 pound barrier!  What other World Record could you compare this too?  Think of Bob Beamon shattering the World Record by 6 feet in the Long Jump – a feat that has not been broken since he set it in 1972!

What made Judd search so hard and so long for the secrets that have enabled and labeled him an “Ageless Adonis?”  Always competitive by nature, Judd could not stand the idea of letting the young guys have all the fun getting pretty girls, lifting heavy, sporting great builds and breaking records.   Simply put, Judd could not stand the idea of getting old.  He was determined not to let his aches and pains relegate him to being a spectator as opposed to being a participator in the game of life!  He refused to give in!

It Takes Uncommon Knowledge, Experience and Insight to Comeback From An Injury Like This!

Through much trial and error, Judd researched and experimented with different training, diet, and supplementation systems that would enable him to not only train hard but also achieve his dream of breaking the world record in power lifting!  Over time, the principles would come to form the Ageless Adonis Professional Athlete’s Strength Building System.

Although Judd still competes against guys in their 20’s and 30’s despite the fact he is now in his 60’s, many competitors ask Judd why he would reveal his secrets – SECRETS that could be used against him by his younger adversaries!

Dr. Judd in his own words:

My breaking the world record in the squat at my age and in my physical condition is not just a victory me, but a victory against old age.  I don’t want to get old anymore than anyone else.   The more people that partake in my experiment, the more we are all going to learn about slowing down this process we call age.  The more we learn about slowing down the aging process helps not just you – but it also helps me – it helps everyone!  And that is the greatest prize any scientist like myself can ever hope to achieve in his lifetime.

Coach Craig Smith and I have put together a step by step system that outlines how I developed the strength and explosive power to shatter the world record by 80 pounds and how any athlete interested could do the same at any age! Forget the old-fashioned idea that you need special “talent.”


Coach Craig and I sincerely want to help you get the results that I got and more! We get emails every day from guys who are using our principles to improve their strength and success, and we want to help you too.

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Yours in Strength,

Dr. Judd Biasiotto

Coach Craig Smith