Ageless Adonis™ RIPPED AT ANY AGE!

Here are just a few of the secrets that you’re going to learn from this 312 page E-Course that will transform you into an

Ageless Adonis!”


Here are just a few of the incredible things you are going to learn to transform both your body and life!

Dr. Judd tells how at age 54, he lost 40 pounds and initially dropped his bodyfat from 21 to 6.8 percent bodyfat  Chapter 2

How to correctly tap into the Glycemic Index for boundless ENERGY and StrengthChapter 5

How to dramatically increase your ENERGY naturally without dangerous stimulants! – Chapter 5

How to use secret Eastern Bloc Secrets to program your mind for success! – Chapter 12

Everything you will ever need to know about Nutrition to build a rock hard Ageless Adonis Body and Face! – Chapter 5

How I went from a fat pudgy old man to a champion bodybuilderChapter 2

How to eat more, kill hunger, and get RIPPED! – Chapter 5

How to make sure protein synthesis in your diet will not be compromised or stopped for maximum muscle growth – Chapter 5

In Chapter 5 you will learn that although protein is necessary for building muscle, too much of it will be stored as fat!

How a 54 year-old drug free athlete primed himself to compete at the biggest and best bodybuilding Championship in the world. Chapter 2

Why using the training routine of a professional bodybuilder will not give you significant results! Chapter 11

Learn how to make your body serve your mind!Chapter 3

Two years later at the age of 56 I came back and won the drug free State, Regional, National, and World Championships. Chapter 2

Why there is linear relationship between the knowledge an athlete has about his sport and how well he performs. Chapter 3

There were a lot of younger, more talented athletes who had greater physical prowess than I did – athletes who should have beaten me easily, but never could. – Chapter 3

How Dr. Judd defeated world class athletes who had greater physical prowess than he did! –  Chapter 3

how to TRAIN SMART…less pain, more gain. Chapter 2

Knowing how and what to eat Chapter 5

Why the knowledge an athlete has about his sport and how well he performs. Chapter 3

How Buster Douglas upset the boxing world with a specific strategy designed to knock out Mike Tyson and why you want to use this same strategy to achieve your goals – Chapter 4

Why the right knowledge, not brawn will make the difference in getting the body you want. – Chapter 3

Recognize the social, psychological, and biological factors behind eating that impact your success Chapter 7

Overcoming the obstacles that may include time restrictions, monetary constraints, poor training facilities and equipment, lack coaching and/ or instruction – Chapter 4

Why you will lose more muscle than fat with the wrong diet – Chapter 6

Ageless Adonis strategies – Chapter 2.

More than 60% of competitive athletes have no idea how to read a nutrition label – what you MUST know if you are SERIOUS ABOUT GETTING RIPPED! – Chapter 5

How Dr. Judd systematically conquered every goal that stood in front of him to break a world record at age 44 – Chapter 4

How to control the hunger mechanism that makes you FAT! – Chapter 6

“The Perfect Diet” plan – Dr. Judd used to win the World Championships! –Chapter 7

How Dr. Judd got to the lowest body fat reading (2.3%) ever recorded at the world championships and how you can too by bodybuilding naturally – Chapter 7

The fail-safe Ageless Adonis Systematic approach to reach your goals –Chapter 4

How an understanding of the biomechanics of the lifts you do – will add an insane amount of poundage to what you already lift, not to mention prevent injury – Chapter 8

How to get an amazing body, without having to lift heavy weights! – Chapter 8

Low reps or high reps – what you exactly need for an Ageless Adonis Body – Chapter 9

World Class training techniques that will give you insane gains of lean muscle and strength – Chapter 8

Fast Twitch versus Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers – why they have to be trained differently for maximum development! – Chapter 9


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