King Superman Khan or Just King Con?

Former World Champion Boxer Amir Khan reportedly KO’s thugs who tried to hijack his SUV

A recent article published in the Sun reports that ex junior welterweight champion Amir Khan and his brother Haroon, laid out at least six thugs (guess they lost count after a while)  who tried to steal Amir’s 100 K SUV.

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What makes the story dubious is that the bandits attempted to rob Khan of his truck without brandishing a gun, knife or other ominous life threatening weapon typically used to expedite a victim’s submission. Instead, they depended on the use of slaps and good old fisticuffs against the two professional boxers in their effort to commit grand larceny. The story claims that Khan and his brother beat the men senseless and then took off. Upon fleeing, it was reported one of the men smashed the car’s rear window. There were no ID’s of the miscreants and no arrests. According to the reporter, “A spokesman added: ‘Nobody came forward.’”

So let’s get this straight – at least six dudes were laid out by two 140 pound men after trying to steal a 100K SUV without any guns. No arrests or ID’s were made. How about that? Just a broken rear window and a lot of priceless press depicting Khan as Superman that is bound to hype ticket sales for his next fight.

Khan, whose chin and career have recently come into question after suffering two knockouts at the hands of Breidis Prescott and unknown Danny Garcia, is in desperate need of an image overhaul. And what better way than to hold a clam bake with the media? Professional boxing is not so much about being the toughest guy in the ring, but rather the best salesman outside of the ring (i.e. who can sell the most tickets.)

Take the marketing of ex-heavyweight champ Mike Tyson. Tyson made 400 million dollars in his career – more than any fighter in the history of the sport. The knockouts of his victims were so devastating that he made audiences the world over gasp as if they were next. Yet who did he beat beside a bunch of unknown name fighters? Who did Tyson beat beside an aged Larry Holmes and light heavyweight champion Michael Spinks? Unlike ring legends, Ali, Pacquiao, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson to name a few, Tyson’s domination of questionable opponents and losses never avenged hardly qualifies him to rank amongst the best. When he fought legend Evander Holyfield, who was a pumped up light heavyweight, Tyson was stopped twice. When he fought Lennox Lewis he was brutally knocked out. Yet Tyson made more money than any other fighter in history.

If you analyze Tyson’s ascent, it was not only his decimation of handpicked opponents that drew crowds, but also his notorious actions outside of the ring that made headlines. Menacing crowds, crashing Lamborghinis, assaults, imprisonment, his alleged abuse of ex-wife Robin Givens – Tyson’s bad-boy press clippings made him a household name amongst people who did not follow boxing. The result? Unprecedented ticket sales.

Put yourself in the shoes of the car bandits – You are trying to steal a car as quickly, quietly, and effortlessly as possible – knowing full well of both the odds and consequences of getting caught and doing serious time for grand larceny. Therefore, who in their right mind would try to steal an SUV with slaps or fisticuffs???  Again – no arrests – no Id’s – and no one coming forward – why is no one in the press questioning the validity of the details or possible motivation behind the broadcast of this story?

There’s a famous expression, “there is a sucker born every minute.” And unless some arrests are made, it just might be that this car jacking was staged. If so, I hope Amir paid to fix the rear window himself and did not file an insurance claim. The last thing he needs is one of his blokes to come forward, spill the beans and he’ll be the one doing time.

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